Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Sophia - 13 years old

Sophia came to us from Animal Care and Control.  Her and Xena are "siblings" coming from the same home.  We felt she was a little young for Mr. Jojo's, but her and Xena are a bonded pair.  There were a few rescues that were interested in one or the other, but nobody had interest in both.  We went to the shelter to meet Xena, and just could not take one without the other! They are definitely bonded so we made the right decision. 

Sophia is a hoot! She jumps around all of the time.  Instead of walking around the coffee table, she just jumps up, walks across it, then jumps down on the other side.  She can clear at least 2 or more feet jumping straight up and down when she is waiting for food.  She jumps on the back of the sofa and will sit on your shoulder like a bird.  She could not be any sweeter. We don't think she has met a human or other animal she doesn't get along with.  Her nightly ritual is to snuggle up with someone and give them a bath...she will lick their backs for hours (if they let her!) 

She has come a long way from the day we brought her to Mr. Jojo's and she keeps getting cuter.

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Because having fun never gets old!

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Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters whose chances of being adopted are highly unlikely due to their advanced age, medical conditions or disabilities.

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