Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Princess - 14 Years Old

Princess was abandoned in a backyard. The owners moved and left her tied to a pole in the back.  She had no access to food or water.  Luckily concerned neighbors brought her to a local rescue's attention.  We worked to get her out of that situation. She was underweight, anemic, full of parasites, ticks and fleas. We were able to clean her up, and give her an amazing life!  

Princess is the mama dog. She is definitely a disciplinarian, and make sure that everybody knows their place. She does tend to get a little jealous and wants to always be by mommy’s side.  She also loves to clean, making sure everybody’s food dish is spotless when they are finished eating. She does her round of inspections after every meal, and if somebody didn’t clean their bowl she will make sure she does it for them. Now if we could only teach her how to do the dishes. Princess has lost much of her eyesight over the last couple of years.  We tried surgery, but the results were not what we had hoped. Princess also loves to go on walks, but only when she decides it’s time to go. And when she decides it’s time to stop walking and go back home, there’s not much we can do about it but comply with our little mama dog.

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Because having fun never gets old!

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Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters whose chances of being adopted are highly unlikely due to their advanced age, medical conditions or disabilities.

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