Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Mrs. Tippy Fallsmoore - 14 years old

Mrs. Tippy Fallsmoore is another Animal Care and Control Alumni.  We named her Tippy because her head has a permanent tilt.  Fallsmoore comes from the fact that she tends to fall a lot.  She can't hear so she isn't offended by her name.  The vet says that Mrs. Fallsmoore probably had a really bad ear infection that was never addressed which causes the head tilt.  Honestly...we cant look at her when trying to eat because it always looks like she is just begging for food with her cute little head tilt. She almost earned the nickname "the stalker" when she first arrived.  She constantly paced around panted loudly.  We just gave her the space she needed to adjust.  The panting finally stopped (for the most part!) She will still pace every once in a while.  

Tippy loves to follow mommy everywhere and is never far from her side.  She can easily jump on the sofa, but doesn't like to be up there.  That is a good thing since almost everyone else wants to be there! She is a sweet girl who is so happy to have a family, and we could not be happier she is now part of our family! 

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