Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Uncle Giggles - 15 years old

Uncle Giggles is such a funny guy.  He is super laid back, loves to nap, and run in circles when it is time to eat.  He never complains and just goes with the flow.  Don't get us wrong...he was a hot mess when we first brought him in to live at Mr. Jojo's.  He had patches of hair, was super skinny, dirty, and really stinky.  He is a Chinese Crested, but definitely the powder puff variety.  He has lots of hair now, and has put on some pounds...maybe a couple too many! He loves to eat and wander around the yard.  His eyes are pretty bad and it takes a lot to make sure they stay clean. We can tell he appreciates our help, but only after we are finished poking around his face and eyes! 

He is blind so it took him a little while to find his way around and feel comfortable. It helps that he can hear because we were able to help him get used to his surroundings by talking to him and using a bell for him to follow.  

He just wants to live out his life in a big comfortable bed with lots of love and treats.  We are honored to help him with this!  

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